Monday, 24 February 2014


Recently I had a go at using Twine. If is a way to create choose you own adventurers (CYOAs), and it is incredibly easy to use. Right click somewhere to create a new page (or passage as it calls them), then double click to edit it. give it a name, and type some text. To link to another page, put the text in double square brackets.

You can go to [[another page]].

Just make sure the other page is called "another page", and that is it. The link in the first passage will be blue if the connect is good, and you will see an arrow from one page to another. Pages with no links to anywhere are a different colour, and pages to broken links are flagged with a warning system (though it does not update immediately; click on a passage to select it, and it will then check if the links are all okay).

I actually prefer to have named passages, so do links like this:

You can go to [[another page|Second Page]].

The player will see "You can go to another page.", but the other page is called "Second Page".

So why am I struggling with Twine? I am not (except for getting on the official forum; that appears to be impossible). But I have other blogs on subjects I am or were struggling with, and this maintains the theme.

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